Friday, April 24, 2009


Here are a couple pictures of my backyard. Very closely cropped I might add. I purchased these star tea-light holders at a garage sale a few years ago - for 25 cents a piece! (There are five of them) I never really knew what to do with them but couldn't leave them behind. Seemed like they would be good for the back yard. I didn't want to buy hangers for them. Too spendy and I'm too cheap - so I came up with this. First I bent wire that is about as thick as coat hanger wire into the shape you see in the picture. (I have lots of bits of wire around here because it is just so handy.) Well, that looked a little plain so I got out the seed beads and threaded them onto a much thinner wire and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. Gotta admit I got a blister. But as always I got into "get it done" mode and had to finish that day. I took the kids to the lake that day and as I watched them I worked on this. Then I just screwed them into the fence posts and voila! I love how they look. At night, around the campfire, it is lovely. Get creative and happy crafting!

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