Sunday, April 26, 2009

OK - this post is for the IFD girls who are interested in making bags! Here are just some of the wonderful patterns available to us. Remember we can add any embellishments you want - we can change the handle length - these can be made to fit you. If you aren't seeing anything you like here check out the Whip Up Uber list of sewing tutorials. There is another awesome list of patterns at The Long Thread. This could be fun! And I also want to say THANK YOU to all of you awesome crafters who share their patterns!!!!

Do you like this one?

How do you like this one?

This one is here, from Made By Rae.

This one is from We Wilsons.

Here is yet another!


perilloparodies said...

I came by to check in, but also to let you know that I am doing a giveaway. Yippee!! I hope you will stop on by for more info.


perilloparodies said...

Oh, and such pretty purses!!!

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