Friday, April 3, 2009

Granola and snow

I came across this recipe for granola and since we were out of cereal and I'm tired of making oatmeal we gave it a try. It is a hit!!! I halved the recipe because my oatmeal supply is running low and I don't have wheat germ so I used some whole wheat flour and we added raisins for some more sweetness. I am a little bothered by how much oil is required - instead of a half a cup I used a third. I can understand why you need so much oil but it still goes against the grain. Next time I'm going to substitute some peanut butter for some of the oil. The picture shows how much we have left after snacking on it yesterday, having it for breakfast today, and packing it as a snack at school for today. I think this will be a regular thing around here - instant oatmeal - hmmmm - I wonder how it would taste with some hot milk poured on it on those cold winter mornings? Sorry my food-picture-taking abilities are so bad - hard to make food look appetizing with the camera - but it sure looked good in the cereal bowl.
The other two pictures were taken yesterday morning after a wet and heavy snow fell. Aren't the trees beautiful?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful trees! I was wishing I had my camera on my way to work the other day - love the wet show on the trees! slw

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