Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bagel brats

So my Uber-Hunter left me for three days recently to go ice-fishing way up north. What does the Uber-Crafter do when left alone? . . . She paints the kitchen and turns the house upside down! I mixed four cans of paint together and got a lovely shade of green. I really like it! I also cooked up a storm so he could bring food with him and I could have all the meals already prepared for the kids. It is nice to take a vacation from supper. One of the successes was bagel brats. I used this recipe for Boiled bagels and wrapped the dough around brats. You wrap the dough around the brat right before you boil the dough. They turned out great and it was so nice to have supper done - the kids could just microwave one whenever they were hungry. I may have used too much dough per brat because they were really thick but there were no complaints. I also made a few bagels. I like to substitute the salt in the recipe with garlic salt. They are so yummy. I think I better go make some more now. Happy crafting! Sorry the picture is so dark - I took it at supper time when it is generally just dark around here. And maybe green wasn't the best choice for a background. Oh-well, live and learn.

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