Thursday, April 2, 2009

Branding sleeping bag bags

So we needed bags for our sleeping bags. They get thrown into the trunks of cars or the back of trucks all the time. I really get tired of washing them all the time and think that by washing them all the time they wear out faster. It is much easier to just air them out. My grandma gifted me with a bunch of fabric and this one piece had sat in the sun at one time - so it was streaky. Perfect for this job. I cut my "stamp" out of craft foam and glued it onto a scrap piece of wood. Then put fabric paint on a foam plate - spread it out thinly - and stamped the fabric. I like how it turned out - voila! Sleeping bag bags. If you click on the picture it gets bigger - a lot bigger - any one know how to keep it from getting too big?

PS - Mom can you see the new green walls in my kitchen?


Anonymous said...

Very cool idea!!! I would like a W5...ha!

Julie said...

Kim created me an R3 and think I'll be using it for our BWCA trip coming up, that is after I convince her to cut it out, mount it and all. :o) It is so cool and so creative.

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