Monday, May 11, 2009

Chipboard Basket

005 (2)

Did you notice this little basket sitting on the dresser in the post I did about the hat rack? Well, I saw this tutorial via Craft Gossip (thank you!)and thought it was a great idea! As my husband would say – I’d put everything into a container or a keeper and cover whatever is left in this world with fabric – I love containers. (and fabric, and paper, and . . .) Anyways, this one is made with two cereal boxes. It is sturdy! I’ll have to admit they are a bit time consuming – but you aren’t sitting there forever working on this – it’s more a matter of you do a bit, let the glue dry, do a little more, let the glue dry – like that. The pinecones inside are for a future project – so many projects – so little time!! Happy Crafting!!

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