Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I’ve gotta be crazy -

Really – I’ve gotta be crazy! I’ve become obsessed with 2 and a half inch squares. See – I got a Moda Scrap Bag a while back and didn’t know what to do with it. Then I saw this quilt and became obsessed. I LOVE the colors in this quilt! Well, I don’t have the Wee Play line from Moda Fabrics but I did have these two scrap packs and both have been designed by Sandy Gevais so the colors match. . . what the heck. . .  I started cutting them up. Now I need MORE FABRIC!! Isn’t that always a problem. Here is a picture of all the squares so far (a couple hundred of them):


Then you start to sew nine-patches like this:


Then you cut them up – like you see in the above photo. Then you rotate and switch everything up and sew things back together like this:


You’ll notice I haven’t sewn it together yet – that’s cause I need MORE FABRIC!  I don’t want to sew the patches together until I have the new fabric because there might be different patterns etc. . .

Have a good day!!!!

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Julie said...

You know I have tons of fabric here so bring your pieces and lets see what I have that will match. I bet there's got to be something that will make it. Next week it's your turn to come here anyways. Keep crafting and sewing Kim, I love seeing what you've come up with next. :o)

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