Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It was a special day!

Today my daughter participated in the Special Olympics. She ran the 50 meter dash and also threw a ball as hard as she could in the soft ball throw. I stood down-field from her and told her to throw the ball and hit me! What an opportunity for her! lol! She didn’t. She sure tried hard though!


This is the motto – makes me tear up every time I hear it. . .


The school where the Special Olympics were being held also held a plant sale. The students plant and sell these. I got this HUGE tomato (Roma) plant, and these three perennials for a total of $4.00! What a deal. The plants were just flying out of there. The perennials are called Dame Rocket. After I got home I googled them and found out they are very invasive. Huh. In a neighboring state people are encouraged to pull them up by the roots as they find them while hiking or camping. Huh! Now what do I do? Where I’d plant them they wouldn’t have far to spread – and they would be protected on three sides so the seeds wouldn’t fly around. . . Our yard is so brown and run-down I almost think it would take an extremely invasive plant to survive! It will be a couple weeks before I plant so I’d really appreciate any comments and advice.



Julie said...

I did some research on this plant and it is most invasive in Wisconsin. According to the MN USDA site Crow Wing County does not have a problem with it. This plant usually grows in moist and mesic woodlands, on woodland edges, along roadsides, and also in open areas. Plants in urban gardens may not pose a problem, but any plant whose seed may escape to roadsides or woodlots should be eradicated or prevented from going to seed by cutting the flower heads after they bloom. So if you plant these Kim just pick the flowers when pretty and then throw them away before they can go to seed. My thoughts and research.

Julie said...

Oh also tell Abby I am very proud of her and all her hard work today. Give her a big hug for me.

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