Thursday, May 28, 2009

Condiment Tray

I purchased this tray at the dollar store.  I thought I’d taken a before picture but I guess I didn’t. Grrrrr. We needed it because we are a condiment kind of a family – the tray holds cinnamon, salt, pepper, a pepper grinder, garlic salt, sugar, toothpicks, and napkins. It makes it much easier to wipe the table when everything is on a tray! And prevents me from having to hop up and down at mealtimes to get whatever it was we forgot! Anyways, it was stained (badly) a reddish brown and had a chicken/rooster on the bottom. I thought I could do better. ha ha! So I painted it and applied scrapbooking paper to the bottom with modge-podge. I love how it turned out! And don’t you just love the retro salt and pepper shakers I got at a thrift store?!



Oh – I also added a bead of wood glue to all the seams before I painted. It really made it much sturdier! The wrinkles you see in the top picture are defects in the tray. No biggie. And, if you decide to do this project I would recommend using a light-weight paper for the base – the scrapbooking paper I chose was double sided and really thick. Also in the top picture do you see the flower pot on the lazy susan? I painted it the same color – and by painting it on the lazy susan I could turn it any which way to paint. Cool!

Also – to family and friends – if you see cool vintage sheets at garage sales or the thrift store please pick them up for me – I’ve got a plan! (I’ll pay you back of course)

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