Saturday, May 2, 2009

Counter Curtain

When we purchased our house there were/are many things that weren’t finished. One of the things is this counter. It was never “backed” with anything. I’m really kinda glad. There is a lot of valuable storage space under that counter! I keep extra chair pads, notebooks, magazines, . . . on some are ugly metal shelves under there - so they had to be covered. Over the years I’ve stapled up tablecloths, and raw fabric. Well, I finally got to it and made these curtains. I sewed them by hand! I wanted to experiment. I really like how they turned out. By using a blind hem stitch there are no hard stitch lines. 


And here are some pictures I took outside today. Yay!!!! I didn’t kill off all my plants last year!!!!

 DSC05332 019001cardinal

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!


engine3 said...

I was here, it's 10:30 Saturday night. The garbage day was a huge success but so tiring. I napped this afternoon but not long enough so heading to bed. I found a cool duct tape purse last night. I'll send you the info. It's neat, really! :o) Talk with you Monday. By the way, I love the cardinal and are those strawberries? We did the chicken coop and got all that in the garden and Jim tilled it up so a start. He didn't save any poop but when you come we'll clean out the nests for you. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I checked out your site! Way cool! Hope you have a great Mother's Day! Love you! Anna

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