Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hat Rack

OK – here is tomorrow’s blog post today! Aren’t you lucky!! ha ha. Are you a hat-wearing family? We are. We have hats all over the place. And I mean all over the place! I always have a hard time finding my hat when I want to wear it. I’m always putting it in a “safe place” so it won’t get stepped on or dirty. And we know about my “safe places” AKA the BLACK HOLE! So I made this hat rack to sit on a dresser in the front entry. It isn’t big enough for all the hats – but it’s a start. To make this I simply predrilled some holes in a scrap piece of plywood – stapled fabric over the whole thing – poked out the holes with the pointy end of my scissors – attached the drawer pulls – leaned it against the wall – hung my hat - and DONE!!! Easy peasy. Gotta make a lot more. My husband needs an entire wall like this – ha ha!

DSC05370 DSC05374 (3)

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Anonymous said...

I even think I could handle that!!! slw

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