Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Wall Pocket

This is the latest wall pocket. I made it for my oldest son. He is too old for something “cute” – I thought this was a good compromise. As you can see this is just one big pocket. It works just as well as the others at keeping the clutter off the stairs. I tried reverse appliqué on this one. I have to say – I’m not fond of all that zigzag stitching. Next time I think it’ll just be raw-edge appliqué. I did this reverse appliqué by attaching the fabric you see peaking through (the skull design) to the bottom of the main fabric with a lot of pins. Then traced the design on the main fabric with a pen. Then all the zigzagging on the traced design - then cut out the design without cutting through the fabric on the back. Make sense?


Happy crafting!

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