Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not done yet!

Have many projects in transition, but nothing is completed. Part of me gets frustrated by that but a bigger part is trying to be patient and do a good job. It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we spent most of it outside messing around in the back yard. I’ve been digging up the dandelions, grrrrrrr, I probably got about half a garbage bag dug up. We don’t have much grass but we are blessed with dandelions and creeping charlie! However we are all looking forward to this evening – we are starting the weekly Tuesday night campfires again. For the past few summers we have a campfire every Tuesday evening and our neighbors join us. It has become one of the highlights of the summer. From around Memorial Day to Labor Day we can count on the campfire. We’ve gotten to know our neighbors so much better than we ever would have without the campfires, and found out what wonderful people they are! It seems like a big extended family on our block.DSC04373

Here is a snapshot – you don’t have to worry about “wrecking” anything in our yard. Remember the friend’s homes that were a mess that you visited when you were a child? And you just didn’t have to worry whether your shoes were on or off? Well, that is what our back yard feels like right now. . . someday it will be pretty – but for now it is just a great place to hang out with the kids and friends and relax – let the kids run all over the place – bring your dog – have a good time!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my site! There is a tightwad III, but it's hard to find. Good luck in the search!

BTW, I have a recipe for Dandelion jelly I haven't tried yet. (I want to, just have too many projects going on right now!) If you'd like it, I'll pass it along! :-)

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