Monday, June 29, 2009


There is so much going on right now! First off – what was brewing was this – look!


I bet you can’t guess what it is – I’ll tell you cause you’d NEVER guess, it’s Root Beer!  I found a recipe here and while it doesn’t look like Root Beer it tastes really good! I got the root beer extract from a local Watkins dealer. It was just under $5.00 for 2 oz. I think I’ll get 4 two liter bottles from that. While grocery shopping at WalMart I saw they also have the McCormick (spelling?) brand for under $4.00. What is really amazing is how fizzy it is! Just yeast, sugar, extract, and water and it is as fizzy as any bottled soda! You can also get lots of other flavors – strawberry for example. I think we’ll try them all!! It was very easy. VERY easy! 

This is another project I’ve been working on. It didn’t turn out like the picture in my head said it was going to turn out. Look -


It’s a paper mache bowl. Oops an extra blue star is on the bottom – but you get the idea. I made it with tissue paper and glue. I used up a lot of the glue the kids brought to school and didn’t finish. Here is a view of the outside of the bowl.


There has to be about 6 layers, or more, of tissue paper I purchased at the dollar store. The paper for the stars was purchased there too! I put a layer of tissue paper over the stars to help keep them from peeling off. All in all it is just busy around here. This week will be spent getting ready for the 4th of July – which is a favorite family holiday. The day will be spent with friends and family.


Here is an example of one of the crafts I did last year – my son and his friend are in this picture, and they rode on the top of a fire truck with my husband in the parade. I wanted them to look like firecrackers. I got these table-toppers at the dollar store and wired them onto their hats. Gabe thought he just looked like a table-topper. I thought he was an adorable firecracker! I think we’ll be doing the same thing this year – maybe expanding on the idea a bit. So much to do – so little time!!! Have a great week and a safe and FUN 4th of July!!


Julie said...

You'll have to keep us posted on what the other flavors will taste like. I also like the bowl, a good chip bowl. With your family coming you better make a couple more. I hope you guys have a great get together, I know we will when all is said and done. Talk with you tomorrow.

cindi said...

what did you use as a mold for your bowl? i'd love to give it a try

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