Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hidden Storage Door Stop (doorstop?) tutorial

As we live in an old house we have old doors.  Doors that like to stick, or not shut. . . anyways, we needed some doorstops, we also need storage (always) because I keep so much junk useful stuff. What I ended up with is nothing like what I started out to make, but here it is. . . I started out with this container and smeared glue all over it -


Then covered it with felt and added some foam to the top and covered that as well. I have to get some prettier felt -


Then made these felt yo-yo’s that I’ve seen online and glued and sewed them to some skewers. Did the same with some felt leaves – and here we go!


The best part . . . hidden storage!!


The lid comes off so you can keep your treasures inside! Now, as I said this is not what was in my head but . . .  I have to go find my diamonds now so I can hide them in here – shhhhhhhhhh!

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Richardson's Randoms said...

You are too funny! What a way cute idea... Lovin' all the little crafty goodness on your blog. Yup, you are an uber crafter.

Thanks for the bloggy love on Miss Ashelyn's dress.


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