Friday, June 12, 2009

Cheap patterns -

Today I had to “go to town” and decided to stop at a local thrift store – the Salvation Army to be exact – just to see what there was to see.  And, OK, I was looking for vintage sheets. While I didn’t find any sheets I did find out that they have an extensive collection of sewing patterns! All for only 25 cents each!!!!  Here is what I got to give you an idea -


Here are two embroidery patterns – never been used.  If you can get past the wacky colors, you’ll notice the patterns are great! The one on the right is dated 1974, and the one on the left is dated 1993.

Here are a few clothes patterns I picked up -


Again, they are totally intact! The Simplicity pattern on the right is marked $14.00, and dated 2006! The See & Sew is 2004, and the pajama pattern is 1998. All intact – never cut! I just can’t wait to try them out. . . now if I can only get as good of a deal on fabric. . . have a GREAT weekend!!

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Julie said...

Cool patterns. I like the blouse one in the Butterick even though it's embroidery pattern. You did good Kim. I'm going garage saling tomorrow if I see some fabric I think you'll like I'll give you a call.
Have a great weekend Kim.

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