Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scrappy Pillow


Well, I did say I wouldn’t be posting as much in the summer. I have tons of projects in the works but have a hard time finishing anything! I got this finished this evening. It’s just a scrappy pillow case with a zipper in the back. My machine has a lot of decorative stitches that I haven’t fooled around with much so I used them to quilt this cover. I really like it! I think I’d like a quilt made much the same way! The fabric for this pillow cover came from two shirts, a curtain, little scraps from other projects, and the green was part of a stash my grannie gave me. Woo – hoo! Cost - $0. The “brew” in the kitchen is still brewing and should be finished soon – my youngest couldn’t resist a taste and that slowed things down a bit. Happy crafting!


Cindi said...
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Cindi said...

this is gorgeous. love love love it

Anonymous said...

I love it too!


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