Monday, June 22, 2009

Sewn Summer Flip Flops

I have a dirty little secret. Do you want to hear it? Really? Well. . . I can’t get my family to take their shoes off every time they come into the house. You know they just need a quick drink of water, or have to use the bathroom. . . since we live in town and have sidewalks etc. . . it isn’t horrible but there is still grit on the kitchen floor. And, now that it is summer and I’m barefoot I just can’t stand the grit. So I made these-

gabe&haylee 001

It’s simple stuff – I just traced my foot again and made the base with a layer of felt on the bottom, then kids craft foam, then batting, then the blue fabric. Then I stitched the elastic on – the sewing machine didn’t even notice the craft foam in there. They are so comfy!!! However, the felt acts like swiffer cloths! Wow do I pick up a lot as I walk around. Could be good – could be bad.

PS: We have excitement brewing in the kitchen – results will be posted in a couple days when it’s done.

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Julie said...

These are really cool. Something I'd even be interested in for shutting up the chickens or quick trips outside. How did you attach the fabric? Like the blue to the felt? Just tuck it into the foam and stitched all the way around? I don't see stitch lines? You have to explain. Excellent idea!!

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