Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wringer washer

Ok – I just had to do another quick post and introduce you to one of my favorite appliances . . . my Maytag wringer washer. I got it for free last summer – yes, FREE!! They were going to bring her to the dump!!! What are people thinking???!!! She is in perfect condition and does an awesome job of cleaning. Today I put the pavers under her and started her up. I washed all the rugs from the house, and the doghouse blankets. She gets everything so clean and it was a beautiful sunny, breezy morning and I was standing under the dappled shade of the oak tree. . . well, I’ve just gotta say that life is good!!!



Anonymous said...

Fantastic washer! Glad to see another vintage one is saved from the dump! I'm a huge fan of vintage wringer washers - profile on / bradross

Have fun with it!

Aunt Michelle said...

Love the Maytag!! Reminds me of my youth and the dark, damp basement and being a bit scared of the wringer.

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