Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cut fabric in haste – repent at leisure. . .

So I got a  new pattern yesterday – this one.


Got some cheap fabric to try it out (thank goodness!), washed the fabric, traced the pattern out onto wrapping paper, cut out the pattern, cut out the pattern on the fabric, read the directions, read them again, and again. . . and realized I cut one little IMPORTANT piece out wrong. (Did all of this in a hurry cause I was excited!) Sewing came to a dead stop. Hubby has to go to buy one half yard of fabric today after work. UGH!! Lesson learned – take your time!!!


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Julie said...

We all make mistakes and when you're excited it's even easier. Keep me posted on how you do on your new blouse. I think you will look so cute in these tops. Talk with you tomorrow.

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