Monday, July 13, 2009

Ugly Underwear

Yup – you read that right. Here we go into unchartered territory. Underwear. My mom used to make my underwear. Then I had to have “store-bought” underwear. Yeah – teenagers are so dumb. Anyways, I am just tired of the poor quality in clothes these days. And that includes underwear. I’ve been reading different how-to’s on other peoples blogs and thought I’d give it a try. Well, maybe I didn’t read close enough cause things didn’t quite turn out as planned. Look at this pair -


Now I’ll admit that they LOOK pretty good. But they are teeny-tiny bikini’s once you put them on. Not my style. Here’s another pair


Geez they look ugly – and when I put them on I popped all the stitches (after I took the picture- of course)!

OK – the problem was stretch. The fabric just wasn’t stretchy enough. They top pair stretched from side to side but not up and down. The bottom pair just didn’t stretch at all. I’ve seen patterns using old t-shirts that I’ve wanted to try. But after this experiment, I can’t help but think the underwear would have to be HUGE! I just don’t know if I want to go there. I think I am too vain to be pulling these huge drawers out of the dryer knowing they are mine? Here is the last pair that I made. This time I used a pattern from Burda – they are called Cheeky Panties. I’ve gotta say they are quite “cheeky” – but surprisingly comfortable. And this time the sun and the moon and all the stars lined up and the fabric had the right amount of stretch.


So, I’ll continue trying to find the perfect match in a pattern and a fabric. I want the cost to be LOW – nothing would be best – and I’ll share the good and bad with you. Does anyone have any tips?


Julie said...

This is a good tute for making panties. Even I understood what she was talking about. Just thought you'd like to see it. Maybe you've already been there done that too.

Amy a la Mode said...

Julie -- thanks for suggesting my tutorial!

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