Thursday, July 9, 2009

Awwwww – what a bird brain!

We’ve been noticing a bird flying to and from a wreath we have hanging outside by our back door. Since a silly bird made a nest in there last year I figured that might be the case again this year. It’s really not a good place to make a nest. That door is opening and closing all day long! My son will come home with his posse, say six teenage boys, and I swear they come in one at a time – each boy will open and close that door – ha ha! That momma bird isn’t getting much peace. So I got out my stool and took this picture. Why do you think that one egg is balancing on the edge? Is it a dud? Should I nudge it into the nest with a twig or something? I just don’t know. I tend to lean towards letting nature take it’s course, but it wouldn’t take much persuading to get me to nudge it back into the nest –ha ha!


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Julie said...

I'm glad that the mama bird took your decission for you. They seem to know just when the eggs aren't good. My chickens and ducks do it too.
I hope you have a great weekend with your family. Take care.

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