Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flat Bread

I am a fan of Martha Stewart. I don't watch her show very often or with any regularity but she is so calming to me. It's a good show to have in the background as you go about your life. Anyways, it was on the other day and this recipe caught my eye. I just love bread. So, I had to try it and it was soooo good now I have to share it. I didn't take a picture because we know I just can't do a good food picture (gotta work on that) - this picture is from Martha's website. You can go here for the recipe - you just have to try it if you love bread too! Some notes - I didn't use the filler they suggested. I used a grilled sweet red pepper, cucumber, tomato, shredded cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds, vidalia onion, and a squirt of cucumber ranch dressing. It was HEAVEN in my mouth!!! I made the dough in my Kitchen Aid with the dough hook. You wouldn't have to - but it sure is quicker! Then I grilled the dough in my cast iron pan on the stove top. I have experimented a bit - like, I only grilled half of the dough and put the rest in the fridge overnight. It was fine. The next time I grilled it all up (I make a double batch at a time) and we are on day three of the flat bread being stored in a large Ziploc in the fridge and it still tastes great!! I'm sure it would freeze nicely - but it just doesn't last long enough around here to have any to freeze. (I've had to guard the ones in the fridge.) This winter I may make a quadruple batch and freeze half of it with some parchment paper between the slices. I'll let you know. It makes a perfect quick summer dinner. Just throw whatever you have in the fridge on it and roll it up. My hubbie took some to work today with some crab salad used for the filling. PB&J would be fine. Anything! Happy crafting!!


Erika said...

These look super yummy - they are definitely going on the must try list!

Ann said...

Another Martha fan here! I agree about her calming effect; plus she inspires me again and again. I must try this flatbread - your sandwich sounds wonderful. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you'll get back to quilling one day soon - let me know if you do!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the flatbread...Yours tasted a bit better than mine...I will have to try again! slw

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