Monday, August 31, 2009

Are you whipped?

(Just imagine how disappointed someone who types “whipped” into the search engine is going to be when they find themselves here!) No – really - I mean W.I.P. I’m sorry I can’t remember where I heard the term before, but it means “work in progress”. What do you do with your WIP’s? I used find them scattered all over my house. I’d have a great idea and BAM – a mess is in progress. Then I’d HAVE to do something (like mend a pair of pants) and there is my WIP – taking up all the room. Well, here is what I do with my WIP’s now.


I keep all the bits and pieces together in this basket, that way all the bits and pieces don’t get scattered – and I don’t have to try to gather everything together when I want to work on it again. This basket is holding several WIPs. Maybe I should call mine P.I.P.s for “projects in progress”. Wouldn’t want to be a copy cat.

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Julie said...

Your basket isn't anywhere near big enough for my WIP's or PIP's. I think I'd need a huge tote. You are so good at staying organized (I know you don't think so but you are!). Anyways, keep up the tips and idea.

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