Tuesday, September 1, 2009


(Project in progress) This is a handy tip – when I’m tackling a big job. Well, big for me, I’m not building houses or anything. . . I’ll gather all my tools before I start and as I’m using them I keep placing them back in this basket. That way things don’t get lost, and I can start and stop the project any time. Isn’t the basket great?! I got about 12 of them for free!! Gotta love free.


Want to see what I was working on? I’ll show you. It’s not finished. . .

I made a pet pen for outside. Sorry for all the other clutter – we’re cleaning out the shed. I’m not actually sorry for you – I’m sorry for me cause that is one heck of a job we have to tackle!! The pen is made from four old windows. Picked up on the side of the road. Two of the windows still have the glass (for a wind break) and I put pet screen in two of the windows. See that seam in the screen in the picture with Edith? Well, I ran out of screen so I sewed two pieces together with my sewing machine. If you have a teflon foot for your sewing machine it works great!! The four windows are held together with shelf brackets purchased at a yard sale. Got about 20 of them for $2. I still want to paint the inside that gray/blue (same as the outside). I may not get to that this year. Fall is just around the corner.

Have fun today!!

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