Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

Hey, my craftiness is waning. So, here is some pictures of my favorite garage sale finds.

Huh, I thought there was more! Well, I do love the vintage stuff!! There are actually about 6 of these cups – but since they are always in use I could only find four. The casserole dishes aren’t perfect – and I’m glad about that. I’ll use them a whole lot more since they aren’t perfect. And, the enamel pan is so handy to store stuff in!

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Julie said...

The casserole dish are the nicest things to have. I think I have 5 or so of them and am using them all the time. They never have food stuck for long, they go from freezer to oven (well I let them thraw a little bit) and the dishwasher has no problems cleaning them. You are so lucky to find them at garage sale, especially with the lids for some of them. Good job Kim!!!

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