Friday, August 14, 2009

Buttercup Bag

I made another Buttercup Bag. This fabric is from Moda – I just loooooooove it! The lining is a lime-ish green. I got brave and set a snap in the lining so it isn’t visible from the outside. It wasn’t hard at all – the only thing is I had to be careful while topstitching with an embroidery stitch because I didn’t want to run into that snap. It scares the *&^% out of me when a needle breaks while sewing!! Speaking of needles – did any of you happen to read this post? It is about choosing the right needle for your sewing project. And boy are they right! I thought I had to bring my machine in for maintenance because it was skipping stitches like crazy. After reading my manual I cleaned with a lint brush around the bobbin (came up with an embarrassingly huge amount of lint!) and then remembered to check the needle. Even though I didn’t think I’d sewn much with this needle – changing it made a huge difference! No more skipped stitches! Woot woot! Take a look at the bag!

blogphotos 008

Here. . . take a closer look -

blogphotos 010

This flower is just pinned on. I used pounded a grommet through two different silk flowers and some heavy interfacing. So it can be moved – or removed as needed. Happy Birthday Ona!! You should be getting this and the bucket hat in the mail any day! Love ya!


sewtakeahike said...

it's lovely! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift! I've had the same experience with skipped stitches or uneven stitches and I'm completely amazed that a new needle will usually remedy the situation!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! slw

Julie said...

Ona will love this, she's a lucky friend. You are always have such terrific ideas and projects. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Julie's right, I do love it! I can't wait to go somewhere today and take my new bag. I also love the hat, unfortunately I have an enormous head and it is too small for me. I did give it to Quinn who wore it for the rest of the day. She has a new favorite and the colors are beautiful on her. Thanks again, Kim.

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