Monday, August 17, 2009

Great Tips and Tricks

I’ve always loved the idea of using “natural” cleaners – or better yet – make cleaners from things you already have in the house! I have been collecting different web sites into my favorites file and thought I’d share them with you.

Tips for using peroxide I haven’t done much with this – but can’t wait to try!! Cheap and easy my friend.

Apple Cider Vinegar I can testify to one use in particular – it gets rid of warts! My son had a wart on his finger and we took him to the doctor to have it removed. Cost – around $75.00. It didn’t go away. Then we purchased Dr.Scholl’s wart remover – it didn’t go away. Cost – somewhere around $8.00? Then we purchased a home freeze-off kit. Tried it numerous times and it didn’t go away. Cost – around $15.00? Soaked a bit of a cotton ball in cider vinegar – placed it on the wart – covered with a band aid and changed it every night. If it fell off during the day it wasn’t a big deal. With in a couple days the wart turned black and a couple days later it was gone! Sorry if this makes some of you nauseous but if you are dealing with a persistent wart you’ll understand how miraculous this is!!

Fels Naptha Soap Speaking of this – my friend, Carmen, made me a batch of laundry soap using this. It works just great! remember there are three boys and three dogs in my house. I can really testify that the laundry soap works. Also, it brings the price for detergent to about .03 cents a load!! And, as a side note – my son is highly allergic to poison ivy, I was pleased to see that this will take the poison ivy oils out of his clothes. I didn’t know that the oils can stay on his clothes for up to a year. No wonder he’d get random break-outs with no apparent cause!

60 uses for baking soda My favorite tip that I’ve used for years and years is to make a baking soda paste and let it sit on a stain on the counter for a while. (Kool aid just doesn’t wipe up with a damp cloth.) Anyways, after sitting there for a few hours the stain just wipes up. Magic!

White vinegar tips I like boiling this in the microwave – makes clean-up a breeze and gets rid of funny smells. Did you know that if you accidently reheat a chicken in there for a looooooong time it turns into something resembling black tar? OMG – that was nasty!

All these sites provide valuable information – and can help us keep our house clean and deodorized without spending a fortune! Oh-yes, I also like to visit – they have so many tips and tricks it makes my head spin!

Now, for you enjoyment I’m showing you a little video I’ve prepared using the pictures from my miniatures. Dumb and short – but amusing. I only spent minutes making this – because I didn’t even know my computer had this program. Anyways, enjoy!


wendy said...

Love all the tips. Thanks for listing the websites.

Shanna said...

you are getting pretty tricky!!! I tell ya...

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