Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sugar waxing

Although there are a lot of great ideas on this wonderful internet – there aren’t many that make me want to make it right now!! Well, this one did make me want to make it right now!! Within a couple of hours of reading this post from Made by Petchy I was cooking up this sugar wax. I have to say it works great! My legs are so smooooooth! Yes, it stings to rip up the wax, but it is doable. I didn’t cry or anything. I had a sister try to wax my legs with some “regular” salon style wax and I have to say that hurt way more. Made By Petchy’s recipe translates to 1 cup sugar, 1/3 cup lemon juice, and one heaping tablespoon honey. Now, if your on my gift-giving list don’t make this. This is going to be part of your Christmas present. I know I’m ruining the surprise, but some of you will forget anyways (lol) and many more people may want to make the same thing. I can’t keep this wonderful idea to myself! Are you planning your Christmas gifts yet? I sure am – I have a few ideas up my sleeves – but I hope I can keep the most of them under wraps until Christmas – but I want to share the ideas too – oh the dilemma!!!

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Just a note – make sure you cook this in a saucepan with plenty of room. I have an unholy mess fused to my cooktop cause it boiled over a couple times!

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Aira @ Sugar Strip Tease said...

Hi Kim,

I am glad to see a blogpost about a sugar wax recipe. I have been scouring the Internet for some (also because of hope that I can save some money for the incoming year) and I found your blog. I am now at Petchy's blog so I can try it out. Thanks loads.


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