Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Idea!

Are you gearing up for Christmas? I am. I’m also remembering last year when I had so many ideas and no organization. This year will be different! I made up this page that I can copy any time I want. I think it has all the important info on it.


This is what I typed up in Microsoft Word Processor. You aren’t seeing the entire page – the blank space under the notes section is larger – but you get the general idea. I will cut the page in half and use a clipboard to keep everything together. If you have a better idea, please, let me know! I generally have so many projects going on everything gets to be a jumbled mess – a fun mess – but a mess! (More mess, more stress)


Lisa said...

Good idea.

Julie said...

I have an idea folder on my computer, when I see something I'd really like to do, I e-mail it to me and in the subject line I write what it is so it's easier to find when I want it. If the idea has a pdf or something I download it and save it to a craft folder. Both ideas require a bit of reading to find the idea but it keeps it organized.

cindi said...

love this's got to be better than the system i have wait, i don't have a system...

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