Monday, August 24, 2009

New Light

Look at the new light over my kitchen sink! Woot woot – I’m so excited! The old light was so noisy I never turned it on. As a matter of fact, when Julie took it down there was a note taped inside that said “noisy – but works”. Huh, I guess the previous homeowner just slapped it up to get the house ready to sell. The price tag was on it, it cost $4.50 – big spender! Why that was so important and other more obvious things weren’t is a mystery! My friend, Julie, came over to hang it for me last week. Isn’t she handy! I got the light from one of my neighbors – who moved. I painted a basement wall for her in trade for the light. We were both happy! It was originally a plug-in light – Julie just hardwired it. I’ll take that extra link out of the chain soon – forgot we left it there just in case I wanted it a bit lower.


Now I just have to repaint the ceiling, walls, wash the window, clean the sink, unclutter the counters, get a new rug. . . and maybe some towels. . . get a new window (cause that is such and awesome light – the window has gotta live up to it), maybe a new floor! . . . and the kitchen will be perfect – I just know it!! Just kidding!


Julie said...

I told Jim I wanted something like that above our sink. I have to say you did get the most beautiful light I have seen. I am glad it worked and you're happy with it. Now you didn't tell me what your hubby said about it, or hasn't he noticed yet?

Unknown said...

That is beautiful! I love it!!!

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