Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canning Season

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I went to Julie’s yesterday and picked tomatoes and grapes. (God bless you Julie and thank you!! – my brown thumb just doesn’t produce much produce!) Then I came home and canned 4 and a half quarts of spaghetti sauce, and 20 jelly jars of grape jelly. Then I cleaned the kitchen. Then I fell into bed and slept a good sleep. I still have to remove the rings, and wipe the jars down but I’m NOT going to touch them until this evening. So far, everything “tinked” - “tink” it has to be one of the most musical sounds in the world. Now it is on to some more apples and this weekend will be a marathon pear-canning session. Tis the season to be busy!!!


Cindi said...

I agree with you about the "tink!" I miss canning, I haven't done it for a few years. It seems like with my kids almost grown and working at a "real" job, I just don't have the time. I certainly miss it. I say every year I'm going to do it, but... I do have some apples that are crying out to become applesauce and apple butter, though. So maybe one day next week.

Julie said...

You're welcome Kim. It's great to have more then I can use and be able to share it all with you and your family.

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