Monday, September 7, 2009

Lazy Crafter

Well, not really but I don’t have any crafting to share with you right now. See, a while back my hubbie said “Less crafting, more cleaning”. And, after I got done being mad I realized he has a point. So, I’ve been doing a lot of CLEANING! My goal is to have this house so organized that when I do start crafting again I can craft to my hearts content and with a clear conscience – knowing I’ve done what I have to do first. Even though I craft often in the evenings when the kids are in bed, I’ve been too tuckered out. Maybe if my craft room was clean. . . but it’s not. . . oh, it’s really not clean.   So, I won’t be around as much this month. The kids go back to school tomorrow and then I can power clean without interruptions. As with any house, a person feels as if they could start cleaning/moving and not stop for six months. Do check back though – I will be showing some tips and tricks along the way. Just not every day.

Here is one of my favorite repurposing projects EVER! Take a look -

 blogphotos 004

This was a rack to hold potato chips that my hubbie brought home for me. It was going to be thrown away. It is triangular in shape and it spins! As you can see, I have shoebox size plastic boxes on each shelf (the shelves are adjustable by the way) and my supplies organized in these boxes. I have envelopes in one, trim in another, stamps, adhesives, markers, scissors and punches, Martha Stewart glitter. . . Well, it is my favorite craft organizational item in my craft room. If I see a display I like in a store I always ask what they are going to do with it later. You just never know. . . people throw away the craziest things! Happy crafting!


cindi said...

my husband has been after me for the same reason. he has threatened to put a sign on my craft room door that says something like "nuclear holocaust zone" or something. i really want to organize it, but something always distracts me. i'll pray that you have success if you pray that i have success. haha

Julie said...

You're not the only one that's been told you better clean before you play, mine said that the other day when I was saying what I wanted to do and make while the kids were in school. Hummmm......I suppose I'll get back to cleaning up and then play when it snows. Tomatoes, apples, corn, squash....I guess gardening first before anything else.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh, that's clever! I never seem to have enough storage.


Fern said...

That's fabulous!

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