Monday, September 14, 2009

Sanctioned Crafting!

This is also crafting! Yippee!!!


Aren’t these jars of applesauce pretty!

Also sanctioned crafting -


New sandwich wrap for the little guy. Used my overcasting foot and had a little trouble. Gee – maybe I should practice more! heh heh.

And one quick FREE craft -

Before -


After -


All I did was peel off the awful Merit stickers and slapped on this paper. The paper came from a grocery bag. I didn’t even use any glue – just used the adhesive that was under the sticker! (It looked as if it would have been a devil of a job getting that off – where does a person buy that glue? You could build a house with it!) Remember I got a stack of these baskets for free? So . . . total cost? ZERO!

And, the house is getting pretty darn clean if I do say so myself! Still a ways to go – but I can get as much done in three hours as opposed to three days when the kids are in school. Phew. Have a good week!!


Cindi said... taking inspiration from you, I have started cleaning my craft room. But, alas, I'm easily distracted. HOWEVER, I am making progress, my husband is smiling more when he walks past the room, and I'm also getting some crafting done at night.

The applesauce is gorgeous and it makes me want to head for the hills where there is an old abandoned orchard. Maybe, tomorrow.

ona said...

The applesauce is beautiful. Quinn made some with her grandmother 2 weeks ago. She brought home 20 pints!

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