Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I made my daughter some lined curtains the other day. These curtains were a labor of love and a blessing/curse kind of a project. However, I really like how they turned out – look -

hunting 019

Here’s how it started out. . . I had the lovely patterned fabric in my stash. . . but not enough for the entire curtain. . . so I decided to use a repurposed sheet for the bulk of the curtains. . . (that’s the solid light blue – looks white – but is light blue). . . sewed the bottom panels on. . . held it up and realized there were HOLES in the sheet!!!. . . decided to appliqué some butterflies over the holes. . . decided to add rickrack to the butterflies (not the most fun to work with but by the time I was done I’d now consider myself a pro!). . . realized there were more pin holes. . . put the polka dots over those. . . all told after starting, feeding the kids lunch and supper, cleaning up, thinking about how to cover the holes, designing the butterflies, etc. . . it took 10 hours! BUT, if there wouldn’t have been holes in the sheets the butterflies wouldn’t have happened. I think it is really cute with the butterflies -

hunting 020

I did want to embroider antenna on the butterflies but frankly – by that time I was done. Can always do it later. . .

Happy Crafting!!!

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Julie said...

I saw these in person and they are perfect. Wonderful work Kim. I love seeing, reading and hearing what you're up too. Thank you for always sharing with me.

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