Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making it work. . .

When I took this photo of the refurbished bird on top of the fridge I realized the top of my fridge looked just a little sad…

blogphotos 012

I didn’t show you the entire top of the fridge cause I had painted a terra cotta pot and it didn’t turn out. Not everything turns out, and I just hadn’t gotten around to fixing it. ha ha! Well, since fall is here and I will be having a lot of company this weekend I grabbed some burlap from my stash and wrapped the pot up. Then I gathered a couple other plants from the kitchen that, sadly, were still in their original plastic pots and wrapped them up too! I tied the fabric on by wrapping some jute around the tops – take a look -

blogphotos 003

Just remember to put a large bowl on the bottom of the pot to catch any water that might run through! Oh – do you like the Halloween paper cutouts? You can find the templates here! I made these last year and had them stuck in our jack-o-lanterns.


Julie said...

I really like that. You did a great job. What's next?

Cindi said...
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