Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Patchwork Bags

Here is what I’ve done with the pieced fabric squares – made little drawstring bags!

blogphotos 006

I have about 4 completely sewn up and about 10 more in various stages of production. I’m going to be in a craft show in town in late November that benefits the local nursing home. (A portion of the sales goes to help fund their fieldtrips and such). Sooo, what do you think? They are lined in a cream fabric. I tell you, this is also a really good practice exercise in piecing squares. Getting all those little squares to match up has been a challenge. Makes me wish I’d been a little bit more careful when cutting the fabric!

Here’s a couple more -

blogphotos 008

Have a good weekend!

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Julie said...

I love them. You do such a great job Kim. Remember I'd like a couple for Christmas too.

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