Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Patchwork

Well, I’ve recovered from all the excitement over the weekend. Don’t you love leftovers?!! Last night we enjoyed some leftover pork tenderloin and cake that was delicious and made to order by our friend Rocky. I sneaked the last little plut of potato salad from the huge bowl that my mom brought. Grant ate the rest of the beans my mom brought especially because he requested them. Shanna’s oriental salad topped it off. Yummmm!! Now I have to cook. The leftovers are gone. Supper is such a pain. My idea of a perfect supper is a bagel and cream cheese with a little something on the side. My family’s idea of a perfect supper is meat, veggies, and a side dish. Cooking isn’t really the problem. Trying to think of what to cook is the problem.

Anyways, remember this post? When I cut up all the fabric squares? Well, I’m using them. Not how you might think though – here is a peak -

blogphotos 001

I’m trying to piece them together randomly. Again, random is hard for me!! I keep wanting to match things and have a pattern. Well, hope to have something finished soon. Happy crafting!!

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