Friday, November 6, 2009


Uff-da! My mom came for a couple days and kicked my butt! She brought with her a trunk full of apples. Then she made me process them with her – ha ha! We ended up with something like 64 quarts. Yes. SIXTYFOUR QUARTS!!!! I used every quart jar I have and then started freezing some, then left an ice-cream bucket full in the fridge for the kids to snack on. It took us 12 hours. I was so tired I woke my husband up by snoring. I never snore! Look -


And take a look at the size of the apples – amazing!


I tell ya mom – you may be older than me but you still make me eat your dust!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

Now look at what I pulled out of a dumpster at the dump/landfill yesterday. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you aren’t supposed to do that because some idiot hurt themselves and wrecked it for everybody else… but you’d have pulled this out too!!! I used my super human strength to get this out. I pulled and tugged and finally got it balanced on the edge of the dumpster – then I dragged it to the trailer and ran out of oompf. Luckily a guy pulled up to dump his own stuff and he said “Looks like you’re changing your mind.” I said noooo, I just pulled this out. Well, he looked at the dumpster, the cabinet, and then me and I could read the how in the hell… on his face. Hee hee. A determined salvager can lift almost anything.


Huh – funny how that camera angle made it look narrower on the bottom – but it is square in real life.  Check out the knobs – they are what caught my eye to begin with. Oh – and the pull for the drawer is soaking and ready to be cleaned and put back on. I did the knobs last night.

081     080  084 083

And how cute are the hinges?! So can I paint it? Or do I have to leave it in its crackled state? Oh yeah – the top is enameled metal. I put a regular milk crate inside so you can get an idea of the size. Isn’t it AWESOME! Why do people throw stuff like this away? It really makes me crazy. All they would have had to do was stick it on the roadside with a free sign and I know someone would have taken it. If nobody did take it within a week or so then throw it away. But nooooo, lets bring it to the dump and trash it! Does that make sense to you???? There was another one in that dumpster – I couldn’t see the front so I don’t know really what it looked like, but it killed me to leave it. I’ve gotta start bringing a screwdriver to at least remove knobs and hinges. Have a good weekend and happy crafting!!!!!


Julie said...

I am so jealous. I love this cabinet. Remember when you're tired of it, there's a place at my house for it. :o)
I am so glad you and your mama had time together, they are special people, our mama's. And yes, sometimes my mama can kick my butt too.
Happy Birthday to your mama.

Unknown said...

love the applesauce!!!!

Snippety Gibbet said...

My gosh!!!!!!!!! Is that how you grow apples up there in Minnesota????? Holy Moses!

I am so impressed by that massive canning effort. I observed a lot of it growing up, but I am chicken to can on my own.

I envy your access to a dump. It's probably a good thing that I do not have access to one though. My tendency is to drag a lot home. jan

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