Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blog name change...

OK - did you notice my new blog name? What do you think? If you remember way back I picked UberCrafter because I couldn't think of anything else that wasn't already taken. I explained that I wanted to become an UberCrafter, not that I already was one. Well, enough time has gone by that the odds of someone reading that post from long ago are slim. So, everyone probably thinks I think I am an UberCrafter. Too pretentious. So this is what I've come up with. I got the idea because at Abby's confirmation open house my sister was cleaning up the kitchen and she said "Do you want to save this pickle jar...geez - dumb question - of course YOU want to save this pickle jar!!!" Yup, that's me. Then my friend Julie threw away an olive jar after emptying the olives onto the tray. I didn't know it until later. And when I found out she threw away that olive jar I gave her a hard time. Sorry Julie. Then there is all the stuff I "rescue"... like that cabinet from the last post. Well, Save That Pickle Jar seems to describe me very, very well! My web address will remain the same. Duh - or you wouldn't be here - but the name is different. I will be working on a new blog header picture in the future. Small steps.

Otherwise I'm a crafting machine. I've made lots of bags, pouches, and ornaments for the upcoming craft fair. My house looks like the proverbial tornado hit it. "Less crafting and more cleaning" doesn't apply when you've committed to a craft fair - ha ha!

So leave a comment and let me know what you think of the name change. I know you're out there. I have google analytics and it tells me that about 50 of you come every day to see what's up. It isn't hard - ha ha. I have had a couple people email me and tell me they were having problems leaving a comment so I changed a couple settings. And a quick tip - I've had trouble on other blogs and if it doesn't work I'll click the preview button a couple times and wallah - comment published!!


Jenilee said...

just finding your blog... new name sounds good since I didn't know you by the old one! :) love what I've seen so far of your crafts! the snowflake ornament is adorable!

Julie said...

Well, you could of said I brought you another olive jar to replace the one I accidentally threw away. HA HA!!! No biggy, just forgot and you know my brain.
I like the new name, now help me come up with something for mine since engine3 really doesn't discribe me or mine.
I'll call you shortly, been a heck of a weekend.
Take care Kim and thank you for all your support and prayers.

urban craft said...

I am always trying to think of something to do with used jars. I think that only an ubercrafter would keep something like that for future use. Although, my dad did keep jars to keep nails and stuff in too. I like it.

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