Monday, November 9, 2009

Pact with the neighbor…

So my neighbor and I got to chatting the other day and I told him about my cabinet. Come to find out he loves going to the dump too – so we made a pact that if he has to go he’ll take me. And if I have to go I’ll take him. ha ha! Now I’ll have muscle with me!!! Well, we went today and this is all I found -

blogphotos 004

The Tupperware salad forks were still in the packaging!! The little shot glasses with stems are just perfect for that batch of dandelions the kids bring me. That little vase could be covered in polymer clay…the little bells are great for tons of holiday projects…and that basket! The shape of the basket caught my eye first. I thought I could recover it. Well, then I got it home and looked at it a little closer. It is in great condition – just filthy. So I washed it. And set it in the sun to dry. It is made of an oilcloth material. Sturdy and basically waterproof.

 blogphotos 008

Still has the tag – although this one doesn’t fold.

blogphotos 007

Geez – I love the dump. Anybody need to go???


cindi said...

What great finds! I wish I could g to my dump and find things like that. Unfortunately we are not allowed to take things from the dump around here. I do find things on the side of the road sometimes, and I have been known to hop in the dumpster behind the floor store to save carpet and tile samples.

Julie said...

Gee whiz Kim, it's not always get to go to the funnest places... Hehe!!
I do like the basket, you did another great job. I think I'll have to see what I have here to take to the dump so you and I can find something for me to bring home.
I'll talk to you shortly. Have a great day today.

Snippety Gibbet said...

You have a dump you can go to??????? Lucky! Living in the 'burbs we don't have such luxuries. We barely have decent thrift stores! Growing up, we spent way too much time down at the dump. My mother was appalled at some of the junk we hauled home. But it sure was a treasure trove. I envy you. jan

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