Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clean your machine!!!

Let this be a warning to all of you – clean your sewing machine!!! Take a look -


Oh I know – OMG!!! This isn’t my new sewing machine – this is my original machine. I’m ashamed to say I never cleaned it properly. Oh sure I blew the dust out and ran the little brush thingy around but I never took off the throat plate and really got in there. Look closer at this -


Do you see all the crap fuzz in those feed dogs?! That is how I knew something was up. I was sewing my little draw string bags on my new machine and some of them got quite small. I couldn’t top stitch around the top because the machine was too big. Got the bright idea to try my old machine. Bingo! Just the right size. Then I wondered why the feed dogs weren’t pulling the fabric through. Even though I felt I didn’t have the time I decided to dig into the machine and give it a good cleaning. Geez. Should have thought of that a few years ago! The feed dogs were packed with fuzz. Once I pried it out and cleaned the rest up until it was fuzz free I tried to sew again. The machine works like it was/is brand new. I have to say that if that machine can take that kind of abuse and keep working it has to be a pretty good machine. It is a Brother Pacesetter by the way. I think it was $199.00 - on sale - about 5 years ago?

Here are a couple links to get you started on your cleaning -

By the way – I will be adding this cleaning task to the master cleaning list. I think seasonally. I’ll try to clean them more often – but at least I know it will get done seasonally! Good luck!

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