Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sparkly Dove Ornaments

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I’ve seen some dove ornaments that I really like these days. And…since I’m too cheap thrifty to purchase any I thought I’d try to make some. So I got out my pencil and paper and started drawing. And erasing. And drawing. This is the shape I came up with. (Which has been inspired by other ornaments I’ve seen as well as various clip art.)


Just click on the image to make it bigger, then right click on it and choose save. Then print it out in any size you want. I cut these out from chipboard (the back of a notebook would work) with scissors. Then I painted them and then coated them with glue and glitter!!! I was happy to find a use for my coarse glitter. I’ve had this glitter for years and years – always preferring to use the ultra-fine glitter. But, bigger area – bigger glitter! (And it’s less expensive!) Do you see the gray area behind the dove? Well this is the cheap thrifty way to transfer an image. I scribble all over the back with a graphite pencil and then lay the picture right side up over the chipboard and trace. My youngest son has been helping me with these ornaments. He plans to give one to his teacher for Christmas. I just cut it out for him and he happily painted, glued, and glittered to his heart’s content. I have a few (OK more than a few) hanging from the ceiling right now and they catch any little ray of light and sparkle! I’ll show you other variations in the next couple days.

I’m taking part in a craft challenge – and this is my first project. I’m a little early – but I’m sure there will be days when I don’t get anything done so it’s OK.

Happy Crafting!!


Jen said...

Hi Kim,

I like your dove stencil and ornament idea. I'll have to try this out with my daughter. Hope your family has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

I love it Kim. I think Justin would love to do something like this too. Thanks for taking the time to share your drawing. You know me, not able to make a stick person so this is wonderful.
I'll be posting my 1st Christmas challenge ornament too.
Oh also, on Thursday I'll be the guest blogger at , I'm excited to see how that turns out.
Talk to you tomorrow.

Cindi said...

Simplicity at its finest. You came up with something gorgeous once again. You are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

i love it! thanks for sharing! i cant wait to make them!

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