Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craft Fail

Not everything turns out the way we plan. For instance – I wanted to make some jars of salt scrub for Christmas gifts. I’ve made it before and I really like them. I just throw everything in my arsenal in my recipe. Usually I’ll add olive oil, sweet almond oil, salt, aloe oil… and now for the trouble… I added too much food coloring. Here is how it looks -

blogphotos 001 

Isn’t it pretty?! I got a little too much food coloring in this batch. But I thought food coloring isn’t supposed to stain skin so it’ll be alright. Uh-huh. Food coloring does stain skin! I decided to test it out – and now I’m feeling very Smurfy!


Julie said...

Opps.......You'll get it. Double, triple the batch? Tell me what happens.

Cindi said...

Just tell everyone you are a very cold elf. Haha... hope it washes off soon.

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