Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fleece Mittens

Where did December go?!!!! I have so much to do – and the hurrieder I go the behinder I get. Ugh. Well, here is one project crossed off my list -
blogphotos 002
The mitten pattern is a free pattern. I thought they were really pretty easy to make after I made a few. Um… I now have three right-handed mittens. But I’ll sew up the mates eventually. These are for my daughter. I didn’t add the elastic in the wrists cause she doesn’t like things to “bind”. And, they actually stayed on my hands without it.
Also finished – bed warmers – basically a heat therapy bag the kids can bring upstairs when they go to bed to make their beds toasty and warm. Maybe they’ll fall asleep faster? hehe!
blogphotos 007
Then, my littlest son said “Mom, you could cut out a reindeer for me with your scroll-saw”. So I did. There’s tons of free patterns out there. I just did a search with “free Christmas scroll saw patterns” and got a ton of ideas. I really like how simple these are.
blogphotos 004
One of the patterns was for this crocodile/alligator puzzle. Isn’t it perfect for a young child?! I’ve smoothed the edges very well so he can chew on the pieces. I don’t think I’ll do anything else to it – just simple. (And fast!)
blogphotos 005
Well, that is it for now. I don’t know if I’ll post again this week as there are tons of odds and ends to finish up, but if I do actually get something finished I’ll share the idea! Happy crafting!!


Cindi said...

Loving that puzzle! Have you thought of selling them?

Kakarn said...

The link to the mitten pattern is on your C: drive and cannot be accessed :o)

Kim said...

I updated the link - thanks for pointing that out!

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