Monday, December 14, 2009

He’s grounded!

Not my oldest son – my husband! Apparently I shouldn’t have been worried about him falling through the ice – I should have been worried about frostbite! He came home with a frostbitten neck. He looks like a bull frog. Really. His neck is very swollen and tender. I told him that if he can’t take better care of himself he can’t go ice-fishing anymore. Final warning! I’m sure his mother would agree with me and if he doesn’t listen I’ll have her call him and chew him out – right Mary?! Only time will tell how bad the damage is to his neck – but so far so good. Let’s just hope this is a good lesson. Kids!

Otherwise I spent the weekend with my scroll saw. I’d forgotten how much fun it can be. I got it quite a few years ago for my birthday and have played with it off and on since then. When I saw this post for a cardboard deer head I knew I wanted to make one. I tried making it out of cardboard but had a devil of a time getting nice clean cuts. The directions call for foam-core but I didn’t have any on hand, so I decided to use my scroll saw. Here are the pieces cut out-

blogphotos 004

Here is what it looks like put together-

blogphotos 005

And a side view-

blogphotos 006

I still have to decorate the deer. I am so undecided on how – I like the original, here is a picture of the original-

But I’m not sure if it’s “manly”. I’ve cut one for my hubbie and one for my dad. I’ll present the one to my dad as a puzzle – he likes puzzles. And I think one side of the nose should be red for the holiday’s and one side not for everyday. We’ll see – happy crafting!!


cindi said...

Why do husbands insist on acting like children? You did the right thing in grounding him. Let's hope you won't have to do it again. I love the deer head. I can't wait to see how you finish them off.

Julie said...

Men, do you think they'll ever learn? Keep at him Kim, grounding him for a weekend or two should help. :o)
I love the dear head, so cool. Now if you could find me one like that in a bunny or dog I think Jim would like that. I could never cut as good as you did but I could try. Love you ideas!!!
Talk with you in a bit. Great Job!!!
Oh decorate it with mole skin, look and feel soft. Just an idea...

Jennifer said...

This is a FABULOUS idea...and I love the idea for turning the nose around for Christmas!

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