Friday, December 11, 2009

Ice Fishing Picks

I worry about my hubbie when he’s ice fishing. I just do. So in the interest of safety I made him some ice fishing picks. This way if he falls through the ice he can pull himself out again. OK don’t get excited – I don’t overly worry – cause he’s ice fished for years and years. And, being on the fire department, he’s had ice rescue training – but it’s better to be safe than sorry right? So here is what I’ve come up with.

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I drilled out some oak dowels then flattened the heads of some three inch nails a little by pounding them with a hammer on a piece of steel. Note to self – don’t try to flatten them on the basement floor – you will put divots in the concrete! Don’t ask how I know this. Then I inserted the nails and started filling up the holes with wood glue. I would have preferred to use wood putty but it couldn’t be found. It had been put in a safe place – AKA the BLACK HOLE. As the glue settles I’ll add more and more until it is solid. I’ve also since painted them bright orange and drilled holes in the ends for a rope – so they can hang on either side of his neck. Easy to find that way. This is the first version. The second version will have to wait – I’ve brainstormed with friends and we’ve come up with a stronger way to put this all together. I hope to get them finished this weekend. Gotta keep our guys safe.

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Julie said...

I think I'll make a pair for my daddy since he's going ice fishing this weekend too. I won't get them done for this trip but maybe the next one.
Great idea Kim, you are so full of them. :o)
Have a great weekend.

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