Thursday, December 10, 2009

The letter “D”

Here is the “D” I’ve come up with -

blogphotos 002

Making something for a teenage boy is hard and I hope he likes this. I tore up newspapers and darkened the edges then Modge Podged them to the wooden letter I cut out on my scroll saw. Then I darkened the edges of the entire letter with some black ink. I’m going for a graffiti look. I hope to have time to play around with some embellishments later today. We didn’t go to the park last night. For one thing it was just too cold, and my youngest isn’t feeling very well. I have him home with me today. I also helped my husband until almost midnight last night putting together an ice-fishing house. I’ve instructed him he has to bring home A LOT of fish with this awesome fish house. No excuses. Our kids eat fish like it’s candy. Usually they only like the fish caught during ice-fishing season. Something about the cold water? And, here’s a hint - if you aren’t too worried about nutrition, try breading your fish in crumbed Cheetos! They looooove it!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Kim! So fun to read you posts. Keep up the great job! M&M

Ona said...

That is soooo COOL!

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