Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I got another letter done. After a discussion with Julie I decided to just do the first letter of each kids’ name. If they want their entire name after Christmas we can cut them out and decorate them together. I think that is a great idea!

blogphotos 004

I haven’t decided if I’ll darken the edges yet. Don’t you just love the robots? Scrapbooking paper has taken all the work out of this project. I kinda want to cover everything with scrapbooking paper now!

On another note – I’ve decided to scrap the blue wool coat because I was looking for warm jackets in the closet and came across this one! It pays to be a pack rat!

blogphotos 006

My dear neighbor gave this to me years ago. It is wool and that is a real fox collar. The wool is really thick and still so flexible! The collar might be a bit over the top but it would look kinda dorky without it. Well, I’ll wear it for a while and see how it all feels. It musta cost a fortune back in the day – it still has the Dayton’s tag in it. Remember Dayton’s? (A store that we used to have here in Minnesota) Well, I put it on this morning and my kids didn’t laugh at me and my hubbie said it looked nice. Now, did he say that cause he meant it or cause he is afraid to let me loose in the stores to shop for a coat? I’ll have to give it a good clean today as we have “Christmas in the park” tonight. We’ll be lucky if it reaches 10 degrees. I think I’ll be glad for a thick wool coat!!!!


Julie said...

I so love the letters Kim. You are doing a great job and the idea of letting the kids help with the rest is cool.
The coat is cool though you know I wouldn't wear it but not because of the style just the wool.
Keep up the thrift shopping, it is so much fun seeing what you have, what you do with what you have and the ideas. Love them all.
Take care Kim and have a great day, stay warm.

Lorrie said...

The letters are going to be lovely. I like your coat - and I hope it kept you warm in the park.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Yes, the ornament is a paper cutting, done by my daughter years ago. I don't know if I still have the pattern somewhere. I'll take a look.


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