Thursday, December 3, 2009

Embroidery Project

I did this embroidery a while ago. I have a thing for monograms and found that you can get wonderful monogram embroidery patterns from Needle and Thread. This blog is awesome! She has videos to guide you through the different stitches and soooo much information.

blogphotos 014

I also wanted to add a little more color without embroidering so I added some felt. I love the effect and can’t wait to experiment some more! I have lots of practicing to do before I get the smooth flowing lines I’m looking for – geez – twist my arm – gotta embroider more and practice!! I love practicing. Here is my newest project -

blogphotos 015

I think it’s going to take me a while. You can get the pattern here – she has lots of sweet patterns for free! On another blog – and I’m sorry I can’t remember which one – they talked about how to transfer patterns to your fabric. I had an AHAH! moment when one lady said she uses a disappearing ink fabric pen. That is what I tried this time. I then ironed on some lightweight fusible fleece to the back – there are so many little lines – this way I can jump around a bit and not worry about the thread showing through to the front. Also, I tested the ink after ironing the fleece and it still disappeared when I very lightly dampened it. My only question now is if the red thread is going to bleed when removing the ink. I guess we’ll see. If this turns out it will be a Christmas present. If it doesn’t it will go into the baaaack of the hutch where nobody can look at it too closely. hehe. Take care!


Julie said...

Needle point is another one of those things I can't do. I think that list of can'ts seems to be growing. You do such a great job Kim. Keep it up.
I love the K and the Christmas tree, you'll have to keep sharing as you go along, it'll be fun watching it turn into something beautiful.

cindi said...

I absolutely love monograms. I would love to have a little section of wall in my house covered with monograms. Someday.... but this post of your's is a start to get me going. I'm bookmarking it for after the holidays.

urban craft said...

I really want to get more embroidery projects going. Perhaps after the holidays, but that tree is just so cute. And I always see deals on the circles at goodwill. One day I will pick one up.

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